Lines of Life

That fluctuating line on the scale

One of the items that I inherited from my grandmother was her scale.  The “old-fashioned” kind where a black line waves at you as opposed to digital numbers staring back at you.  The kind where if you stood on one foot, the numbers changed.  And if you jumped up and down, the numbers went all […]

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Long Line of Leavers

I decided that for my first “Lines on a Staff” favorite albums/songs post to use the one title that actually contains the word “line” was fitting!  I randomly stumbled on this Caedmon’s Call cd on sale one time.  The rest of the album is good, but I often do not manage to make it past […]

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Lines on a page and lines on a staff

I think I have always been a lover of books.  When I worked at a restaurant in high school, I would laugh when I saw younger girls reading their chapter books at the table – that was definitely me.  Still is, although I try not to read when my family is around.  At least not […]

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