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Sing Angels Sing

2017 Song Five (Seven Songs for My Savior): “Sing, Angels, Sing”

Looking to start a dance party around the Christmas tree?  “Sing, Angels, Sing” by Nicole C. Mullen might provide just the inspiration that you need.  What is beautiful about this song is the fact that it compels you to want to move AND to want to sing.  Like the angels must have felt long ago.  […]

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Bethlehem Town

2017 Song Four (Seven Songs for My Savior): “Bethlehem Town” by Jars of Clay

My husband is not a fan of Christmas music.  I am not sure why.  It’s not like I play it all year round – I am one of those people who waits until after Thanksgiving.  But over the years, I have managed to find a few that he will listen to with me without grumbling.  […]

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Wrap This One Up

2017 Song Three (Seven Songs for My Savior): “Wrap This One Up”

Perhaps I bought two Christmas albums this year.  Okay, I did.  But once you hear Christy Nockels‘s album “The Thrill of Hope,” you will probably head right out and get one for yourself.  Her voice is so incredibly beautiful.  I have a feeling that I will be sharing one of her songs every year for awhile.  […]

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Just a Girl

2017 Song Two (Seven Songs for My Savior): Just a Girl

Every year, I have fun picking out one new Christmas album.  This year my choice was Brandon Heath’s “Christmas is Here.”  Featuring a fun mix of both traditional and new songs, this is one worth owning.  His song, “Just a Girl” definitely presents a unique perspective. I am certain that Mary, the mother of Jesus, […]

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Once in David s Royal City

2017 Song One (Seven Songs for My Savior): “Once in David’s Royal City”

Happy week before Christmas!   We are gearing up toward Christmas vacation around here.  Today was my last day of my middle school geography class for semester.  And today’s topic might be one of my favorites: Nativity geography.  And one of the significant places in the story: the city of David. Until I started teaching […]

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Seven Songs for My Savior: Song Six: “No Eye Had Seen” by Michael W. Smith & Amy Grant

Michael W. Smith’s “Christmas” might have been one of the very first cd’s that I owned.    Since then he has created several albums, but I think his first one will always be one of my very favorites.  I think because the album seems to flow together naturally from one song to the next. Song number […]

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Seven Songs for my Savior: Song Five: “Nations that Long in Darkness Walked” by Jill Phillips & Andy Gullahorn

Hymns of faith are gradually being lost in perpetuity.  (Sorry for the big word.  When else can I use that? 🙂  )  Anyway, I do like worship songs.  But there is something to be said about the classic songs faith. That is why I always appreciate when artists bring new life to the old songs.  […]

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Seven Songs for my Savior: Song Four “Angels We Have Heard on High”

Tonight I was privileged to see some of my extended family.  Growing up, we saw each other frequently.  Now our times together are few and far between.  During childhood, a few cousin fights might have taken place over toys.  Getting to be together is what matters now. Since I was a child, I have loved to sing.  […]

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